zynnyme Business School for Therapists and TAP Community

A Private Community for Members of Business School for Therapists + The Accountable Practice

Why You Should Join Us If You're in Business School or TAP Coaching

You're tired of endless to-do lists and all the shame of feeling like you can never do enough or be enough as a business owner. You want real clarity and direction that makes sense for your unique business, and you want a community of people around you as you put everything into action -- now and in the future.

What's Inside!

Inside, you'll find an amazing community of like-minded business owners, resources to help you take action on your business plan, and more!

About Us

What happens when two therapists spend 10+ years helping thousands of business owners around the world grow, launch, and revamp their businesses?

We get to the heart of what really matters. Join a community that has real conversations and find clarity about what you want and need from your business. With courses, groups, events, and resources, we provide the how-tos, expert business advice, and direction to back up all the feel-good community fun!

Not Enrolled in Business School?

Click here to learn more about our LIFETIME ACCESS program for mental health professionals looking to start, grow, or expand a thriving private or group practice aligned with their wants, needs, and ideal lifestyle!