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Small Business Owner & Private Practice Resources for Therapists & Professionals

Why You Should Join Us

You are tired of never-ending to-do lists that you could never possibly get to and all the shame of feeling like you can never do enough or be enough as a business owner. You want real clarity and direction that makes sense for your unique business, and you want a community of people around you as you put it all into action now, and in the future. 

What's Inside!

Inside you will find an amazing community of like-minded business owners, free resources to help you take action on your business plan, our podcast and other amazing courses like our Business School Bootcamp for Therapists.

About Us

What happens when two therapists spend 10 years helping thousands of business owners from around the world grow, launch, and revamp their businesses? We get to the heart of what really matters. Join the community that has real conversations and finds real clarity about what you really want and need from your business.  With courses, groups, events, and resources, we provide the how-tos, business advice, and direction to back up all the feel-good community fun!

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