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A YEAR-LONG powerful, online, business training system built specifically to help therapists grow happy, thriving, sustainable private practices their clients LOVE. 

You CAN improve your clinical outcomes, have more freedom, AND have a better income while doing what you love!


There is nothing you'd rather do than have a business that truly helps people and changes the world!

Hell Yeah! 

You have a unique, amazing talent as a healer and the capacity to do SO much good in the world. (Not that we need to tell you this, but compliments are always nice. )

But, sadly, you can't run a top-tier successful private practice year after year on compliments or even being an amazing clinician; you need the whole enchilada! 

Let us guess. You made progress and learned a lot on your own, but at a certain point you realized there were so many options, so many to-dos and you weren't sure where you should focus your time and energy. With every podcast you hear, blog your read, or webinar you watch the options continue to expand, and you feel LESS sure about what the next step should be in unlocking your private practice vision. 

You have so many ideas about private practice, passive income, and expansion and it is hard to clarify where you should really put your heart, time, and energy. Deep down you also have some legitimate fears, frustrations, and you truly need to find some EASE in being running a private practice. And if you are being REALLY honest you want more time for FUN! 

Don’t worry, we get it. 

Maybe you...

  • Started your practice and actually have a ton of clients but you still can’t make your dream of a full-time living from private practice a reality. You didn’t do this for the money but come can’t keep living without a retirement fund forever. 
  • Had a successful solo practice and expanded into a group practice and now you are feeling stretched thin and wondering if there are better ways to do what you are doing that don't take so much of you. 
  • Finished grad school but they didn’t teach you ANYTHING about running your practice. You’re filled with knowledge on how to heal but no way to share it with those who need it most.
  • Are constantly stressed out and it’s greatly affecting your therapy work. It's hard to help clients achieve awesome "ah ha!" moments, when you’re exhausted and watching the clock throughout every session. 
  • Don’t feel confident you’re making the right choices when it comes to your practice. You've tried doing a bunch of research or have even taken a few business courses, but they don't seem to apply to YOU. You still feel sooo lost! 
  • You are tired of doing this alone and you want to have more FUN being a business owner. You are ready and willing to do the work and dig down deep- but you want to do it an environment that inspires and delights you! 

Alright, here’s a truth bomb:  

Until you full step into your role as the business owner and get crystal clear with your vision and a implementable plan, your private practice won’t thrive and you won't find the ease that you need to sustain your passion long-term. 

 Your growth as a business owner will  require you to dig into personal blocks that you didn't even know you had, and learn skills that you didn't even know you needed! While moving full into your role as an amazing business person is HARD, it’s also 100% possible.You just might need a little help along the way. 


  • Your business fully sustains you. You have a great work/life balance, you have freedom to do the clinical work you love, time for creative work and passion projects, and you business runs like a well-oiled machine. 
  • Have a schedule full (or as full as you want) of clients for you and any employees you have. You're helping people on the daily, and you feel like you're finally fulfilling your purpose!
  • Are part of a huge network of like-minded therapists! This is an elite, active group of amazing people who have your back and push you forward! (And let you occasionally vent, just a little.)
  • Give your clients the best care imaginable. Because your practice is running so smoothly, you have more time and mental energy to devote to what you truly love: helping your clients.
  • Consider yourself successful. Whether that means you've hit a financial target or achieved the ever-elusive work/life balance, you are living the life YOU want to live. Yoga at 11am anyone?
  • Feel confident! You have a solid plan for your practice and all the skills to execute it with ease. No more second guessing your choices or spending hours on research, you got this!

Yes, please!   
Deep down, you know ALL of this is possible. You just need someone (who’s totally been there) to show you exactly HOW. 
And that my friend, is what Business School Bootcamp is all about! 



We don't have that fancy one-size-fits all simple solution to fill your private practice in 6 weeks. Why? Because we've been doing this for over 10 years with therapists all over the country (and the world), with very different niches, styles, and personalities, and we know what works

Yes, we have people who feel their practice SUPER fast using what they learn in Bootcamp, but it is the PROCESS that they use that works, and that process creates very different plans for different people! 

There is NOT a cookie-cutter solution that is going to grow a sustainable business that works for you long-term. Are there faster ways to build? Are there strategies that are more and less effective? Absolutely! And we help you understand WHY something is or isn't working for you so you can make adjustments and find the best path for YOU! 

More importantly, we will help you prepare for every aspect of a successful private practice- so you have a streamlined, happy, and thoughtful practice that makes a big impact for you and your clients! 

What is Business School Bootcamp for Therapists?

Business School Bootcamp is a year long super-powerful, online, business training system + community that helps therapists (like you) learn EVERYTHING  you need to know about running a successful private practice that is focused on serving clients and getting exemplary outcomes in the real world. (You know, all the stuff you wish they had taught you in grad school!)

The Business School Bootcamp program is developed around the way that therapists just like you make the best progress possible. The perfect mix of concise teaching on what works, community, coaching, accountability, with time to pause, reflect, and then take a deeper dive into making more progress!

Unlike generic business coaches, we are therapists ourselves, and have run successful practices! So everything we teach is specifically geared towards therapists, social workers, coaches, and other healing professionals. From how to specifically structure a therapy-centric business model to the legal nitty-gritty, you learn everything you NEED to know and nothing more. 

Because, seriously, who has time to learn stuff they don’t need? Not therapists, that’s for darn sure!

Who are We? 

Hey! Kelly + Miranda here, we’re two therapists who have built successful, low-stress, highly passionate cash-pay private practices. Miranda even created her practice during the recession, and Kelly built her's in an area supersaturated with therapists. BOOM! Now, we are passionate about helping other therapists, all over the world, do the EXACT. SAME. THING.


Well, we got into therapy because we liked helping people and we struggled to find easily accessible information - in one place - to help build our practices.  There was other training but it wasn’t up to date, current, or always applicable to private practices.  It felt like it was one size fits all. (And we know how well one-size-fits-all shirts tend to look!)

Business School Bootcamp for Therapists began because we know, first hand, getting the business side of your practice on track will make you an even better therapist. We spent years putting out souls into this program, compiling the most useful information, and creating fool-proof procedures to help therapists succeed.

We believe deeply in the work you're doing and want to help you do it even better (and with less stress and struggle.) We coach not because we can make more money but because we truly feel called to do this work.

The two of us love to have fun, laugh, and we try not to take life too seriously. And if you asked about what we love in our work - it's helping therapists like you fulfill your purpose, be the best clinician you can be, and change the lives of each client you reach. (It makes us misty-eyed.)

We are honored to be voted both the Private Practice Resource of the Year AND Private Practice Consultants of the year for 2015 (an award they only awarded ONCE btw!)  And now we would love to help you, build a practice that aligns with who you are and creates more peace and happiness in your life.

"You help me find my strengths and develop them and flesh them out and you definitely give more in education, availability, knowledge, and ethical practices than the cost to us."

"Working with you [two] is a an effective and deep combination of "You are good enough" and "Get S*** Done!" . I feel like you hold my hand when I am too scared to step on the field...but still walk me to it and then cheer while I win the game- by myself."

"Working with either of you for even an hour is like taking a hundred hours of coursework/experience and condensing it into a manageable, doable bite!"


A better question would be 'what won't you learn,' but we'll answer the first one. 



A successful business starts with YOU!  Before you get to the ‘fun stuff,' you MUST get clear on who you are as a therapist, the lifestyle you want to build, and your values moving forward! This is the foundation for your entire biz.

  • Learn how to overcome your self-limiting blocks that are causing you to self-sabotage your success.
  • Develop your identity as a therapist and clearly define your values. This will have a HUGE impact on your marketing, service offerings, and the kind of clients you want to attract!
  • Identify your strengths and discover how to best utilize them in your practice. Running this business will feel easy when you maximize the skills you already possess!

"It's the place where everything starts. After all, if you don't know where you're going, how can you plot out directions to get there? Honestly, this module is a swift kick in the pants and let's you know that you've really got to sit down and think about what you want your business to be." Spring 2015 Bootcampers

"BSB has helped me get clarity on who I am and who I help best. It’s also helped with setting professional boundaries and saying no when I’m not a good fit. It’s also improved my confidence as a clinician. It’s also given me an opportunity to connect with a local group of BSBers for a quarterly work retreat as well as a few long distance BSSers with whom I check in monthly. Both groups have held me accountable and propelled me forward toward my goals much faster than I think I would have done on my own."



This part isn't sexy, but SUPER important. Once you lock down your processes and procedures, you'll run your biz with less stress and more freedom! Extra time for your clients and more chill time for you? WIN!

  • Avoid answering the same questions again by creating/updating your informed consents and policies.
  • Automate the heck out of your schedule process. Leave the tedious tasks to the robots!
  • Learn how to integrate outcomes into your process!

"Thanks to what I've learned in BSB, I'm transitioning from older, clunky office systems to newer, more efficient versions." Bootcamper

"When I interviewed with you, I said I was afraid all the business stuff would take away from my growth as a clinician. You said that it would develop me as a clinician, and it has! Because my niche is now so clear and focused and am I am not trying to serve everyone, my clinical skills are refining, as well. I research and write about anxiety and trauma. My trainings are focused for this population. I am a better clinician AND I have more confidence!"


ORGANIZATION (aka the easy way)

We’ll show you how to organize your practice in a way that maximizes your time! Feel confident you’re doing what you need and ONLY what you need to keep things running.

  • Learn how to manage and maximize your time while still providing the BEST service possible.
  • Explore how paperless practices can eliminate headaches, save money, and help the environment. No more clunky filing systems.
  • Outsource. Outsource. Outsource. Keep doing what you’re best at (helping clients) and let someone else handle the rest.

"It is awesome the way you are going step by step to bring up ideas for how to make a private practice work out. There are so many things I never thought of that you are revealing to us. I can just feel myself thinking in a new way, broadening the foundation to launch my business with more confidence. And it's only day three!” -Bootcamper

"Outcomes are improved because the consult script helps me be clear about expectations from day one. Plus, my intake paperwork is very thorough about the whole therapy process, so I get more clients who know exactly what it's like to work with me "



We know hearing the world "business plan" might spin you into a whirlpool of anxiety. But don't worry, we make this SO EASY. We provide many options so you can ‘choose the adventure' that's right for your practice. No cookie cutter plans here, just proven procedures!

  • Research and develop a profitable niche for your private practice. One that’s based on the values that we discovered in Module #1.
  • Discover how to analyze your current situation and fold your strengths into the plan. Why fight what’s already working?  
  • Get the nuts and bolts of the business plan together, and we'll show you how to implement it across your biz. 

"My goal was to get help making more money and working less. I'm doing it and feel great about it! The bootcamp really helped me take a hard look at my practice and my life and what I wanted for my future." -Lyla 

"BSB has helped improve clinical outcomes. My systems and processes allow me to be more present and clear with my clients, which lowers their anxiety and increases engagement. Also, being very clear about who I serve and what I do has allowed me to focus more of my time and training in improving those skills, which has directly benefitted my clients."



We know hearing the world "business plan" might spin you into a whirlpool of anxiety. But don't worry, we make this SO EASY. We provide many options so you can ‘choose the adventure' that's right for your practice. No cookie cutter plans here, just proven procedures!

  • Learn how to budget for your personal life and your business. Are you charging enough to create the lifestyle of your dreams? (Chances are, you’re not!)
  • Get your cash flow tracked correctly and learned how to manage times of feast or famine.
  • We even go over some tax basics. Establish the entity you need to get the best tax benefit and learn how to file correctly.

"Best investment in my business thus far without a doubt. It paid for itself in one month." -Lanie  MPS, ATR

"YES it has DEFINITELY improved my clinical AND financial outcomes. I was literally just thinking this morning about how having a virtual back-up option since September has wildly improved my consistent contact with clients which has really helped deter some downslides. You know I'm a BSB nut"



Discover who your ideal client is and how to reach them. This isn't just about learning online marketing tools or more traditional offline techniques; it's also about expressing your most genuine self in your messaging. This way the clients you can best help will find you with ease!

  • Get clear on your niche and specialties and get clarity on what to market to right now, and what you might market to in the future. 
  • Create a stellar message that resonates with your ideal client. One that you’ll love and will allow you to connect deeply with future clients!

"I hear more and more clients use the language that's on my website regarding their pain points, which relates to the website copy work I did during BSB that dramatically changed my practice... so it's as if me tapping into my ideal clients' pain points has really reached them and gives them language on how to speak about their pain points when they find me, if that makes sense."



Yep, there are about 55 million ways to market your business. Develop a clear strategy that works for you, your strengths, your personality, and your ideal clients! (And maybe even have some FUN doing it! 

  • Create a quarterly marketing plan that meets your clients where THEY hang out.
  • Create a balanced plan of offline and online strategies, and learn what you can automate and outsource, and what only YOU can do! 
  • Know what you are doing on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis to reach  your goals, how to track what is working, and how to make tweaks along the way to create a streamlined marketing strategy that leaves you spending your time doing what you really love! 
  • Get access to all the social media options and trainings to use to carry out your marketing plan. 

"Just being able to check in twice a year forever about what is changing in Social Media is worth the price of admission if I never looked at the other modules." - Bootcamper 2016

"I decided to write a blog called how to choose a great therapist and post it to my website. This time last year I would have been so nervous to write this. I would have written, edited, had others proofread and edit, a million versions before I published…but I wrote, edited, included links, slapped on an image and published this in an hour. And I'm OK with it…I say this to inspire all you newbies - BSB changes you. This was not possible last year before I completed BSB. Get ready for the ride of a lifetime." Robyn D'Angelo



Since running a business is a life-long adventure we help provide the tools to plan for the future and vanquish challenges down the road. We'll help you get into the flow of your biz for the LONG TERM. This is a marathon, not a sprint!

  • Finalize a marketing plan that meets in the middle between how you best communicate, and how your client receives information.  
  • Develop an ongoing plan and strategy to keep your business flowing and running on an ongoing basis.
  • Start dreaming and brainstorming about creative and unique ways to expand your practice beyond the couch.
  • Learn how to crush it.

"I've paid a ton more for training that was for building coaching businesses and not specific to therapists--met some great people, learned a lot, but not much about what I really needed to learn. Mostly learned I can't let coaches define what therapy is about, lol! My advice is for people to buy in now before you guys bump the price up to what the value actually is." -Bootcamper

 We are so glad you asked! Basically? A lot.

JUMP START MINI-MODULES - Get started before the boot camp even begins! These six, mini-modules will help prepare you for the camp and provide some serious content. Clients often see shifts in their practice before the first day of class!

EIGHT DEEP-DIVE MODULES - Each module is packed with short, digestible videos, worksheets, checklists, and click-by-click videos that walk you through exactly what you need to do. Now, you're not just going to sit back and ingest information. Hell no. These modules are about taking action and directly applying what you learn to YOUR practice. We call this program a bootcamp because you're going to WORK. (But we keep it easy and fun!)

Expert Support and Guidance
through the entire two weeks of our LIVE sessions!

LIVE SUPPORT - Between the two of us, we are there to answer questions 18-20 hours a day. Ask questions as they come up and get all the personalized support you need for the entire two weeks of our LIVE working sessions! When is the last time you had space to ask every question you had and get every question answered in an in-person workshop? (Did you answer never? That's right. Never.) 

FOUR LIVE Q&A WEBINARS - On top of the near 24/7 live support we will also host FOUR webinars throughout the course. This will give you a chance to dive deeper as we discuss your questions LIVE. Benefit from hearing questions from your classmates and discover answers to questions you didn't even know you had! You can post questions in advance, and all calls are recorded if you can't attend one. 

The Ongoing Lifetime Support and Community
You Didn't Even Know You Needed!

AN ELITE ACTIVE COMMUNITY - This is the main reason we are so selective about who we let into this bootcamp. We want to make sure our community is filled with amazing, encouraging, like-minded therapists who are there to support each other and give constructive feedback in the kindest way ever. We make sure everyone plays nice on this playground, and if you violate this safe space, you're out! 

LIFETIME ACCESS - You’ll have lifetime access to ALL the bootcamp materials, the community, the updates, and you’ll even be free to join live Q & A webinars in future LIVE working sessions! (We run live working sessions twice a year for two weeks at a this is 4 weeks of FREE coaching every year!) 

Why Lifetime Access? 

  • It takes TIME to absorb and process this much information. The truth is, while you will make BIG changes during the two week, LIVE portion of the bootcamp you will probably not complete all the material. We provide the most comprehensive resource available - that has taken us years to create and organize - so you might need extra time to fully apply it all to your practice. 
  • We want you to have continued access to support and information as you grow your business and dive even deeper into your therapy practices. The need for a community never disappears! Plus, benefit from past alumni asking more complex questions as they move along in their practice. 
  • How much has social media and online marketing changed in the last three years? Or even six months?  We will keep you up to date as we constantly adjust and improve our program! 



  • Diana
  • Hilary
  • Adam
  • Michelle Farris, LMFT
  • Robyn D'Angelo
  • Kami Storck, LMFT
  • " I am working about the same (20-25 client hours a week) and my monthly income (based on an average of 23 client hours a week) has increased by $1,340.00 which equates to an average annual increase of $16,080.00. So, yeh, definitely worth the very modest investment for that level of ROI!
    Stacey Horn
  • "I've booked 3 full fee clients no issue during the intensive bootcamp weeks and I have put together an informational workshop in the community and have solid plans to create new content of value for clients that visit my website.""
    Rebecca Wong
  • "I had my perfect day yesterday. I got up at 4 am, did all my computer work, filing, emails, and saw a single client at full fee paid by retainer for four hours. Got home by 6 and got to have dinner with my husband. Beats working a 12 hour day seeing 11 people and getting the same amount of money with a 4 hour commute."
    Bootcamp Alum
  • "I am more confident and with good reason. Bootcamp has given me an edge that would have taken years to acquire on my own. I feel supported and I feel excited that there are still so many areas that I can grow in while being surrounded by people who have similar goals."
    Spring 2016 New Bootcamper
  • "Bootcamp has taught me so much about the business end of private practice. I have relearned to respect my profession and myself. I have worked hard to get where I am at and I deserve to continue to grow. I have the ability to help many people and with renewed confidence I am stretching myself in all different area and that has enhanced my life and my practice. And my monthly income has increased 21%!"
    Spring 2016 New Bootcamper
  • What would you say to someone who wasn't sure about bootcamp? "One option would be for them to go back to college to get an MBA. But with all the information tailored to therapy practice and a strong supportive community that you wouldn't get in college, Bootcamp is worth every penny!" 
    Spring 2016 New Bootcamper



of therapists we speak with tell us they want to feel more confident about running their private practice. With Business School Bootcamp we help you uncover and combat the negative beliefs that keep you feeling stuck and overwhelmed - repeating a cycle that doesn't work. YOUR TRANSFORMATION is hands down the best part of bootcamp. Get ready for the awesome!

Want to hear from some of our alumni?

"My monthly income has increased 19%, I am working one day less at this time. I have begun to consider other streams of income."

"I haven't quite opened my doors yet. But I'm confident that what I have learned from Bootcamp and the BSB community will help me move my career into a position where I will be happier, more successful and more effective with my clients."

"I know we're not on financials yet, but I just did my taxes and had to post. ZynnyMe are the only business courses I've done since I started my practice. My 2016 income is up 126% over the previous year. That's because of Business School Bootcamp, your events, coaching, and your Zynnyme website. Whoa! If I were standing up wearing boots, I'd be quaking in them. (I'm on the couch with the shiba in my lap). So thank you Kelly Higdon and Miranda Palmer. Hugs and kisses and huge thanks!"

"I have to say I am so encouraged, inspired and grateful for my decision to spend the money and enter into this community. I had no idea the Return on Investment! Kelly Higdon and Miranda Palmer - you both are SO REAL, FUN, SMART, respectful of our processes- even in my total exhaustion I am grateful and encouraged for the decision I made to join Bootcamp! Thank you both for all of your hard work! This afternoon I came home thinking, "I need a question! Now is the time to pick Kelly and Miranda's brain!" Then I realized I have LIFETIME ACCESS. RELAX Sara! Easy does it."

"I have already made back my investment! I am working about the same (20-25 client hours a week) and my monthly income (based on an average of 23 client hours a week) has increased by $1,340.00 which equates to an average annual increase of $16,080.00. So, yeh, definitely worth the very modest investment for that level of ROI! Kelly and Miranda - I have been racking my brain to find a way to adequately express my heartfelt gratitude that you are in my life personally - and in the lives of so many of our colleagues who are driven to do good in the world. I can't actually find any words other than to say how much I have grown to love, respect, and cherish your presence in my life. Your individual and collective hearts have already had a profound impact on my life personally an professionally. You are my new mentors." 

SOLD! How do I sign up?

  • Select Your Payment Plan
  • Create you classroom login
  • Check out the jumpstart modules 
  • Put the LIVE dates on your calendar
  • You kick ass and take names as you build your private practice. 

How does all of this deep change happen? 

We break the mold that says that you are supposed to learn everything you need to be a great business owner, a great private practice therapist, a great marketer, a great employer in a few weeks or months. 

This is a lifetime program that will create BIG change in a short period of time (if you allow it to). 

But, there is time to continue to learn, grow, develop, and share your triumphs inside of an amazing community from around the world! 


Are you ready to make big change in growing, streamlining, or launching your practice? 


Where and When? 
WORLDWIDE - access your modules from anywhere with Internet at anytime. 
How often is bootcamp held, and what are the ongoing costs? 
We enroll new students to the Bootcamp program in the Spring. Registration for Spring 2020 will open towards the end of 2019. Don't miss out!
When should I sign up? 

As soon as you know that bootcamp is right for you, sign up and get started. This ensures you get a spot, gives you access to more coaching, allows you to carve out the time in your day to complete the bootcamp, and you get to start experiencing change right away- before we even dig into our LIVE working sessions!

How do I get started? 
Registration for the next bootcamp starts February 2020. (We've sold out SEVEN TIMES so far!) Once you register, you can start the Jumpstart immediately at your pace.
How much time will it take? 
During the live working sessions, you should carve out 2-4 hours per day. However, you will still have work to do throughout the year. Even with this intense pace - you won't get through all of the material. We pack it in!
Will this really help my practice? 
Every situation is different. The amount of internal and external change needed to get to the practice of your dreams depends on many, many factors. We try to share stories from therapists where change was immediate, as well as those where things took a bit longer. We can't make any guarantees, except without making a change - things will stay the same (or sometimes get worse).


Everybody's experience is different, but we hear prospective bootcampers LOVE to hear what others are saying about their bootcamp experience.

    • "Your response times were, well, AWESOME! Really! I always felt the presence of one or both of you throughout my experience in Bootcamp. It was very clear to me that you were both absolutely dialed in to what was happening with everyone. You were tracking each comment and questions. It was AMAZING (there, I said it!) to watch how the two of you worked so damned hard for all of us. 

      In my experience, the two of you are a true rarity when presenting together. I am now referring to the two of you as the "Double Unicorn of Therapist Coaches"!" Spring 2016 Bootcamper
    • "I finally took the time to "niche" and my new website went live 4-days ago. So far I've had 2 calls and one will be paying my full rate! The other is interested in a group I am starting. I've been implementing the SEO and social media strategies and am excited to keep learning and doing more! Thanks!!"
      Fall 2015 Bootcamp Enrollee
    • " I was just thinking to myself - wait a minute, I get to do Bootcamp AGAIN in March! How awesome is that?! One enormous difference I've noticed is my ability to keep momentum despite the fluctuation of clients. It still fluctuates but I'm not such an emotional roller coaster (i.e. 8 clients this week i'm awesome!, 2 clients this week i suck). I am just welcoming whatever comes. If it's less clients, I get on the business work i need to do. If it's more, I enjoy the counselling work I get to do. I'm steadier. Many other things have changed as well, but that's been a really notable one." Coryn  Stehouwer Fall 2015 Bootcamp Winner!
    • "I enrolled in Fall 2015 and was at the beginning stages of starting my own practice, 5 months after I have my own website, Google business, simple practice, business cards, marketed my services, square for payments, and just started renting an office per hour. The best part is that I began to see my first fee for service client and I never thought I would be doing it so soon." Sonila Sejdaras Fall 2015 Bootcamp Enrollee
    • "You won't regret it. If you are serious about starting your own practice you will be so glad you made this investment in yourself." Spring 2016  Bootcamp Enrollee
    • "Since first participating in Boot Camp Spring 2014 I made the jump to full-time private practice, raised my rates and have been attracting more of my ideal client now that I've clarified my niche. Still working on some of the finer tuned areas but that's what Round 3 is for :)" Mallory Grimste Spring 2014 Bootcamp Alumni
    • "Get help in the business side of practice! Check out this awesome biz Bootcamp by ZynnyMe" @DrJulieHanks
    • "The best thing I've done for myself as a #privatepractice #therapy business owner is investing in Business School Bootcamp with @ZynnyMe... It's true, I've done other things that have helped my clinical skills improve but in terms of learning about business, BSB is it!" @lauralcswc
    • "Yaay! I get to take boot camp again!! Since fall 2015 I've managed to keep a full caseload through the holidays, and had 2 different articles published in a magazine and psych central. The traffic has significantly increased to my website as a result, more calls the past couple of weeks! Thanks so much for all the knowledge you've shared with us Kelly and Miranda!! And also the positive vibes I get from everyone on here! I'm looking forward to another round" Zoe Reyes Fall 2015 Bootcamp Enrollee
    • "Ummm....let's see...I changed my client focus, was interviewed for Selling the Couch, got my first therapist branding/business consulting client, was quoted in Men's Health print magazine, met a major yearly revenue milestone, had my most profitable month ever, celebrated an awesome year, and am launching my very own podcast with 2 amazing episodes locked and loaded and a third interview scheduled for this week!" Jared Defife Fall 2015 Bootcamp Enrollee
    • "I originally did bootcamp in March 2015 and my practice boomed afterwards. I've learned so many things about running a business (had no clue before) that I have been able to actually do what I love successfully. When I started bootcamp I had ONE client and was full of doubts if I could actually do this. Afterwards, I filled up all my time slots available, added another day and am now looking for a full time office space because the demand is so high! I wouldn't have believed it if somehow told me this would happen. I can't say enough good things about bootcamp!" Spring 2015 Bootcamp Alumni


While everyone’s experience is different, here are some stories from recent bootcamp alumni that we think you’ll LOVE!