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Video trainings, downloads, and templates to grow, revamp, or start your private practice!

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Over 10 hours of free video trainings

Trainings specific to the needs of passionate healers in private practice. We focus on improving clinical outcomes, improving your income, and finding time for more work/life balance. We will even customize what we send out to you based on whether you are already successful, still looking to grow, or haven't even opened up your doors yet!

Downloads and templates

Get checklists, worksheets, and downloads developed specifically for the needs of therapists in private practice just like you! 

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You have so much that helps me focus. The free stuff helped so much

Karen- Private Practice Therapist

Therapists recommended the free webinars and I didn’t do them. But then, I had started my PP and had no clients! I used my office time to do the free webinars and it changed the way I viewed the business. 

Alice - Changed Therapist

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